OOrbix for journalists


OOrbix in your notes!

OOrbix develop the INSERT MAP function to add interesting content to your notes.

This way, you can embed our box with the real estate map (OOrbixBox) in any online site or blog.

What are the requirements for using the OOrbixbox in my notes?

- Set the format of the OOrbixBox 

  • Determine the width of the map (600/760/1000 px) 

  • Select the area or zone you'll be showing 

  • Apply the selected filters (if desired) 

- Accept our Terms and Conditions 

Note: To insert the map, it is NOT necessary to have a web site or be a Registered User of OOrbix.  

What is the price of OOrbixBox?

The OOrbiBox is free to use under the Terms and Conditions that we set. 

The general idea is that you do NOT use it maliciously or in order to harm us in any way. 

You must allow the viewing of ads and keep intact the box size. 

You are not allowed to use pop up windows. 

If you want a version without ads, you should contact our Sales Department.

Ok, I want the OOrbixBox. What´s next?

It is very simple: 

1 - Login to OOrbix.com and locate the city / area of interest 

Example: the city of Rosario, Argentina 

2 - Use the filters  if necessary 

Example: "For Sale"

3 - Click the SHARE Button   and MAP INSERT tab. Then select the Map Width and Content 

Example: 760 px (pixels) and "Zone + Filters" (take the selected area with the filters you've applied) 

You should be seeing this:

4 - Just like you would with a Youtube video, copy and paste the resulting IFRAME in your note (most Blogs allow this) 

In this case:  <iframe src="http://www.OOrbix.com/en/OOrbixBox760/Argentina/Santa-Fe/Rosario-and-area/for-sale/" width="760" height="742" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" name="box" id="box"></iframe>

5 - Post your note online and ready!

An example ...

Suppose you are writing a report or a note on the sale of properties in the city of Rosario (Argentina).

You decide to add content and value to your note. Therefore you insert the "map of properties for sale in Rosario"

To do this, you enters in OOrbix choose Rosario city and let you filter a filter Filtro labeled "For Sale" in Operation Types.

Explanation: Let all other filters selected in the other sections or OOrbix will not display the real estate resulting ads  

You should see the following URL:


Now, press the SHARE button   located in the upper right of the box

Then access the INSERT MAP tab and select the map width (OOrbixbox)

Copy and paste the resulting IFRAME in your note and go!

Remember OOrbix shows much of the real estate in an area taking the main sources of information for this.

Your note could be like this:

Property prices rise in Rosario

The sale of properties in Rosario up 20% so far this year.

To validate your claims at the end of your note incorporate interactive map of properties for sale in Rosario

It occurs to us that we could be usefull writing notes about other types of:

- Properties (offices, commercial buildings, houses ...) and

- Operations (rents / leases, short term rentals or holiday)

If you have questions, you want to make a suggestion or you see that something is not right, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will try to help you ASAP.

Good Luck!