Free content for blogs and websites

Free content

Free content for blogs and websites

Add OOrbix property maps on your site

You'll be adding traffic while helping thousands of people find their next home.

Many people are searching properties right now.

Usually looking at the classified section of newspapers and traditional websites but it is tedious and slow search.

Is there another way to search properties on the Internet?

OOrbix, is a global real estate search engine.

It processes all the real estate information it can find in various specialized sites and presents all properties data on a Google map.

It's like a "Real Estate Google".

If you publish the maps on your website or blog you'll capture the attention of thousands of users with unique and updated content.

With OOrbix on your site you will increased long-term traffic because people remember the last place where the information was found.

What is the price for publishing the OOrbix real estate maps?

It's your lucky day, OOrbix is in an expansion phase.

The OOrbiBox (box with the map inside) is for free, under the terms and conditions that we set.

The general idea is to NOT use it with malicious intent or harm us in any way.

You must enable viewing of ads and keep the size of the box intact.

You are not allowed to use it in pop up windows.

If you want a version without ads, you should contact our Sales Department.

Ok, I want to use the contents of the OOrbixBox. What´s next?

This link will take you step by step:

An example ...

Real Estate map with properties for sale in Rosario, Argentina

Still have doubts?

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will try to help you ASAP.