A website that makes it easier to find a property

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Author: Patricia Martino 

Source:  daily La Capital Rosario - Link

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A website that makes it easier to find a property

Information on buying and selling houses, apartments, land and commercial property or holiday today is vast and spreads online

Search for a property is not an easy task. Information on buying and selling houses, apartments, land and commercial property today is vast and spreads online. To simplify the process of finding a properties online Alfredo Escoda and Jorge Montenegro developed OOrbix, a real estate map search engine.

The site is available for Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Australia. It simplifies the process of finding a property, taking property information available online in real estate websites, classifieds and real estate portals. OOrbix categorizes the data by property type , price and operation type and represents it as points on the map, thanks to Google maps.

How it works?

Simply enter www.OOrbix.com.  Select the country and the area where you want to start the Real Estate search. Then, OOrbix opens the box with the map ( OorbixBox ) and you can filter the desired information simultaneously (house for sale 3 or 4 bedrooms for example). Following filtration, the resulting points on the map are the available listings. Clicking on each item, a preview shows one or more ads with the most relevant data. A click leads to the source of information, where the user can confirm the status of the property and further details of interest : more photos, description and contact details.

"The novelty of the proposal is that you do not need to go from site to site looking for properties. Our goal is to position all Real Estate listings in one place and be able to show them at once and interactively with the user. OOrbix generates a Real Estate map of the area, showing all our properties available. It is the ideal site for starting Real Estate search, whether to buy or rent permanently or lease a property" explained Escoda , who announced that they plan to launch the site in Spain and Brazil.

The mentor of the proposal explained that the idea for building the site came watching all the Real Estate information scattered in the web in multiple Real Estate sites sites unknown to ordinary people" that tires people quickly and lead them to take Real Estate decisions with partial or wrong information"

"We noticed that a high percentage of Real Estate searches are done by area. We usually search for properties near such a place, the house of the parents, the children´s school, which we call landmarks. Such things defines the location of the future purchase / rental, besides the price, " said Escoda

He also stressed that OOrbix benefits realtors and investors because it allows them to obtain comparative data on prices and is also usefull for individuals.